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Welcome to agamirbangla.com, this page is contains our terms and conditions. We have made this website to help people of Bangladesh and all the people of Bengali language. The motif of this website is to help people in their everyday life by providing information. You should keep in your mind 3 things:

  • Our page is fully informational. We want to help people with information. We get our information from through research on internet.
  • When you follow our posts, you should know that these posts are not expert opinion or an alternative to doctor’s suggestion. You can take a basic idea of a problem from our article but don’t think it’s the equivalent to a medical professional.
  • We try our best to collect accurate information and provide it to our audience or reader. But if our information hurt anyone’s feelings or sentiment, we are extremely sorry about that. We don’t take responsibility if anyone’s feelings get hurt by a true event.

Feel free to share our content and comment on our articles. But don’t use any slang and language that hurt other people’s feelings. If you share our content, you should be careful about your caption. If your caption misrepresents our contents you can get banned without any warning.


Our advertisements are provided by third party agencies. So if you click on those advertisements and make any purchases or give them sophisticated information, we will not be responsible for that. So be careful about third party advertisements.

About advertisements:

We don’t allow hateful or sexual ads in our website. But if for some reasons any offensive ad takes place, we are very sorry about it. As soon as we see it we will delete that aps.

We are committed to our readers. Please message or mail us if you have any questions and any suggestions. Happy reading.